In support of Pandemic Planning


Greenbridge Designs has taken action to support the ongoing supply of its cremation memorials, mausoleum chambers and pre-cast concrete chambers. As it stands, we have sufficient stock of our standard products to support the needs of the bereavement industry during this difficult time. We have put into place additional hygiene and social distancing procedures to ensure that we can continue providing inscription and ornamentation services without impact. Our fleet of transport remains intact and functioning as normal. We also have third party back up in place to cover staff shortages.

Greenbridge also have a stock of mausoleum chambers should the need for secure storage of bodies be required at cemeteries across the UK. These chambers can be safely stacked six high, providing maximum provision within a relatively small footprint. The over-engineered, reinforced chambers have been structurally tested to thirty-one units high but operational management proves difficult beyond six. Note - Mechanical lifting would be required above 3 high.

Our standard chamber would provide for the temporary, secure holding of bodies. If storage was required beyond a couple of months, we would strongly recommend the use of zinc lined coffins. If this was not possible, Greenbridge can offer coffin trays lined with Clinoptilolite Zeolite to neutralize any leachates. The option of Active Carbon Filtration to eliminate all odours is also possible (this is not a stock product but can be currently obtained within 14 days).

Pre-cast below ground vaults, single and double, are also available from stock should it be deemed prudent to plan in advance of any anticipated, additional need.

Greenbridge Designs will do all in its power to keep costs as low as possible in support of the current Coronavirus epidemic. We will also work seven days a week if the need arises.

Kind regards

Dennis Millington


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