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Sketch of Atlas Pillars at a Crematorium

Greenbridge Designs manufactures and supplies innovative products that will add value and architectural merit to your rememberance gardens. Our extensive range of memorials combines the traditional with the modern; memorials that serve the needs of bereaved families in the 21st century.

Our NAMM trained installation memorial fixers and experienced customer service team will help you to realise the vision for your remembrance garden. Get in touch if you have any questions or specific requirements and we will be glad to assist.

Atlas Pillars

The ‘Atlas Pillars’ is a truly outstanding feature memorial. The combination of tall elegant panels and the mirrored stainless steel ball brings a timeless sculptural quality to your Remembrance Garden.

The 384 plaque ‘Quad Atlas’ provides an extremely cost effective solution within a small footprint.

Arten Column

A range of ten sided columns that can accommodate between 50 and 150 plaques. The Arten Column makes an impressive centre piece to any memorial garden, providing families with a simple but elegant place to remember their loved ones.

The Arten Column stands on a base incorporating 25 (optional 50) flower vases. The base can be extended to create a further 10 desk tablet plaques, extending the range to 160 plaques in total.

The Arten can be capped in a number of ways to create a unique feature memorial. The top can also be configured to house a removable galvanised steel container to create the ‘Arten Planter’.

The memorial and plaques come in a range of granite colours.

Plaque sizes 200mm x 100mm.

An extensive choice of emblems and designs can be added to the plaques.

Granite Books and Chapel Memorials

With an optional cord and tassel design, the Greenbridge Designs' 180 and 80 Plaque Granite Books are a fine addition to any rememberance garden.
Our Chapel design is designed to display 42 plaques either side. The base can be utilised to accomodate additional plaques and flower vases if required.
Taking up a small amount of space, these striking memorials are ideal for families looking to dedicate the scattering of loved ones' ashes.

Boundary Kerbs

The design of the single and double boundary kerbs together with the full-size flower containers provides a kerbside memorial that can be effectively used to dedicate scattered ashes along straight or curved pathways.

The memorial and plaques come in a range of granite colours.

Plaque sizes 200mm x 100 mm.

An extensive choice of emblems and designs can be added to the plaques.

image of a granite boundary kerb

Rose Posts

A simple but effective way to dedicate Roses and Trees. A stylish and more substantial alternative to metal plaques, these posts are available in a range of granites or in Rainbow Sandstone for a more natural finish. The posts are capped with black granite plaques for inscription and optional motifs.

Basalt Columns

These naturally occurring basalt columns are ideal for marking the ashes scattered within natural areas such as verges and woodlands. The toughened glass plaques sit on stainless steel posts to create a truly unique memorial option.

Polywood Bench

The high-density polyethylene is hand crafted in exactly the same way as natural timber to create a range of garden furniture that has proven unaffected by sun, rain, snow, sleet, wind, salt-water, chlorine and mildew. Poly-Wood is non-porous and uses stainless steel ground fixings, and can be safely left outside all year round even in the most hostile climates. Simply washing with a mild detergent will keep it clean.

This product is produced from 90% recycled material and is further recyclable up to seven times therefore having very little environmental impact. This outdoor furniture is available in a variety of colours, sizes and designs.

Granite Bench

All of these memorials are available in an extensive range of granite colours. A wide choice of designs, emblems and photo-plaques can be added if required

Woodland Wing

This double-sided granite memorial accommodates 120 laminated plaques in a stylised leaf design. An organic and imaginative memorial which offers a low cost alternative to traditional granite plaques. The asymmetrical design would enhance any communal scattering area, particularly those in less formal surroundings.

Leaf Vaults

This unique above ground ashes vault is designed for use in less formal settings and in woodland gardens. ‘The Leaf’ memorial is available in two sizes to securely hold either one or two sets of ashes and offers an original, fitting and dignified resting place.

To compliment the natural settings in which these vaults will be located, the columns have been created in Rainbow Sandstone and Dragon Juperana Granite.

A smaller version designed for use in baby gardens is also available.

Complimentary vase blocks are also available.


Two designs of the vault are available, the smaller Orion 400 is a contemporary design which securely holds two sets of ashes whilst the larger Orion 560 with its ‘Ogee’ roof design, holds up to four sets of ashes

The memorial and plaques come in a range of granite colours.

Plaque sizes 400mm x 350mm.

An extensive choice of emblems and designs can be added to the plaques.


These balustrades will beautifully define the perimeter of your garden to create an area of outstanding elegance and formality. The balustrades cleverly and securely house cylindrical ashes urns. Each section is fitted with a granite plaque for inscription.

A comprehensive design and installation service is offered with these memorials.

Monarch Vaults

A range of three granite memorials each designed to securely hold one traditional casket or two rectangular caskets.

The compact design allows for effective use of space along pathways or within small areas of available land.


The Callisto 20 is a classically crafted columbarium which has been designed with traditional gardens in mind. The larger Callisto 30 offers a more contemporary design whilst retaining the traditional Romanesque columns of the more traditional Callisto 20.

The Callisto 20 can be reduced in height to create a 16 niche columbarium and the Callisto 30 reduced to 24 niches if required.

The memorials and plaques are available in a range of granite colours.

Inscription area 300 mm x 300 mm

An extensive choice of emblems and designs can be added to the plaques

Wall Niches

A modular niche system built to your specific size and need. Designed for use within an existing walled area, the internal framework is constructed from aluminium with durable polypropylene shelving. The columbarium is finished with granite plaques and bronze fittings to create a unique, cost effective memorial that maximises existing space.

Each installation is bespoke. Designs, sizes, materials and fixings can all be specified to meet your exact space and needs.

Trident Vault

This memorial allows for the below ground interment of two sets of ashes within a watertight chamber. The granite memorial provides a large removable plaque which is suitable for two inscriptions, together with a kerb-set that mirrors that of a traditional grave. The memorial is supplied with ‘chippings’ as illustrated and a choice of optional vases.

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